What is Quickeecam?

What is QuickeeCam? 

white-unit-for-OTN-smallQuickeeCam is an automated photobooth used at tradeshows, conferences, expos, retail locations, weddings, and any event or location with opportunities to engage attendees and customers as brand ambassadors.

QuickeeCam kiosks are compact, social-media enabled one-piece units with high-definition lenses located in the front of the unit. The camera is capable of taking both still photographs or video. With touch screens and outstanding user interface, QuickeeCams are easy to use, even for the least tech-savvy individual.

On the inside, however, QuickeeCam is a powerful and robust machine that offers a wide range of features and functions that are designed to increase the social media engagement levels whenever users take a photo with QuickeeCam. On the other hand, it’s also built to accommodate all types of branding opportunities–both on the inside and outside. The goal of creating QuickeeCam was to completely upend the photobooth industry, while offering a cost-effective event enhancement that offers possibilities for revenue generation through sponsorships, or marketing opportunities via graphics within the photo or even on the front of the actual kiosk!

Branding Opportunities

All types of branding positioning are available within the photo frame, which we list out below. Actual photographs can be embedded within the frame, with upper and lower banners also available, of course. For example, you can embed Barry Bonds into the photoframe at a baseball game so attendees can take a “selfie” with him; you can embed photos of famous city landmarks that tourists would want to be photographed with, and so forth. The possibilities are endless, really.

Once setup, the kiosks require no additional staffing in order to perform through the event. The technology that drives the machine works flawlessly and needs no maintenance or upkeep during the event.

Create Brand Ambassadors

With QuickeeCam at any location, it’s amazing to watch people notice the tall machine and their own reflection as they approach it. As they realize it’s a photobooth of some sort, they begin to play with the touch screen commands and within moments, they are snapping photos of themselves, calling over their friends to do the same.

But QuickeeCam’s magic continues after the shot. The users receive their beautiful digital photos via links in a SMS, email, or an innovative scan-to-download function that sends the photo directly to the smartphone. Each link the user receives has the event hashtag and any other relevant information you want written into text portion so that users will be more likely to tweet or share the photo with the correct hashtag, location, and/or event name.

With outstanding photographs or video messages, each attendee is more likely to share their branded photographs, checking in with the photos and letting everyone know where they are. For them, it’s a memory.

For you, it’s advertising. True organic sharing activities with relevant leads.

Mobile Application and Albums

The engagement continues even after the event. With a custom subdomain album dedicated to just your event, the photos are available for all to access. Users can also download the QuickeeCam mobile application, available in the Google Play Store and the App Store, where the user has an integrated camera with fully built-in sharing capabilities. With their own albums and profiles, the branded photographs are always just a few taps away.

There are many, many uses for QuickeeCam, including but not limited to events. Take a look at the links below to get a better idea. Once you read up on QuickeeCam technology, feel free to request a demo so that we can show you the magic in person.

Visit these links to learn more about QuickeeCam


Tradeshows and Expos

Attendees at Oracle OpenWorld and LAUNCH Festival enjoyed taking selfies with the QuickeeCam booth, which increased both social media buzz and attendee engagement. At trade shows, exhibitors can leverage our booths to engage more prospects on and beyond the show floors.

Conferences, Events and Weddings

Special events hosted by 7×7 and hack_cancer used QuickeeCam booths to entertain attendees and increase brand and message awareness through the social media sharing of QuickeeCam photos framed with the event host logos. Our booths are also popular at weddings, where special moments are captured with attendees, and couples are able to capture memories for a lifetime.

Retail and Shopping

The QuickeeCam booth brings a new dimension to brick-and-mortar shopping by integrating social media exposure to the customer’s experience. Our trial with retail stores produced hundreds of digital photos that not only enhanced each customer’s shopping experience, but also created real-time personalized product promotions shared on social networks.

Key Features

  • Captures HD photos and videos
  • Sleek design with small footprint (3 x 1.5 ft)
  • Self-service once setup
  • Customized photo and video frames with sponsor
    logos and watermarks or embedded photographs
  • Multiple engagement points
  • Realtime online gallery and slideshow
  • Facebook photo album and Twitter feed
  • Delivery of links to photos and videos with
    sponsor messages
  • Direct Facebook and Twitter pre-populated
    sharing links
  • Custom digital signage display
  • Free mobile app for instant viewing and social sharing

Branding Elements

  • Rotating top banners within the QuickeeCam frame
    Top banners can support multiple sponsors at one event
  • Two steps in the process can trigger “roadblock” pop-up
  • Messaging can consist of flyers or promotions,
    commanding attention from the user before and after the
    photo, if desired
  • Sponsor banners and branding can be included in the photo link SMS or email
  • Photo link emails and SMS templates are fully customizable
  • Can accommodate multiple banners from different sponsors in one email
  • A photo frame that can embed multiple watermarks
  • Front of the machine that offers ample branding space

Engagement Factors

  • High-quality photos encourage sharing
  • Prepopulated share links include event hashtags
  • Continued engagement after the photo via marketing messages in communications
  • One-touch link opens a Facebook or Twitter share screen with image
  • Branded photos at events encourage more retweets and favorites
  • Lead generation tool with SMS or email data logging
  • Reward users with randomly shared photos on your social media pages
  • Create memories with your branding embedded
  • Build automatic brand ambassadors at every event
  • Create call-to-actions and promotions within QuickeeCam