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QuickeeCam brings a new dimension to brick-and-mortar shopping by integrating social media exposure to the customer’s experience. As a flexible and robust marketing platform, QuickeeCam supports your promotions in-store or online. Customers come in and see the QuickeeCam, or branded “Your Store-Cam”, and notice, for example, if they take a photo and share on Twitter today, they get a 10% off coupon.

With that coupon in-hand, the chances of a purchase taking place are significantly higher, and the company gets the social media attention regarding the sale, or any other promotion you’re advertising.

Our trial with retail stores in California produced hundreds of digital photos that not only enhanced each customer’s shopping experience, but also created real-time personalized product promotions shared on Instagram and other social networks. In turn, the stores got social media activity that otherwise would not have happened. Here are some shots that customers shared:


Customers interacting with the QuickeeCam kiosk generate a constant flow of relevant and real-time social content comprised of your products that drive interaction with a social media universe of shoppers. Each photo or video includes a link directing viewers to the product in your store on your website — directly. This social connecting around your brand results in customer advocacy and strengthens your brand’s social capital.

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QuickeeCam booths allow in-store shoppers to share favorite merchandise with the social media universe, model and outfit they’re trying on or buying, giving your products personalized endorsements and priceless exposure. Customers become marketing assets for your brand and products by serving as models and your guerrilla marketing team spreading the word about what’s going on at your stores.

Have an upcoming sale? Or do you want to sell tickets to a particular in-store or offsite event? With an in-store QuickeeCam kiosk, you can constantly let shoppers know of the event, offer a discount for tickets, or run a sweepstakes and/or giveaway to those who share their in-store photo.
With seasons changing, you have an entire seasons’ worth of clothing to move. If you place a QuickeeCam kiosk outside your store with a promotion offering 10-20% off the already-marked down prices inside the store if customers take a photo and share — people will feel compelled to buy. While you are reducing inventory at a lowered cost, you’re absolutely getting prime exposure from actual customers who may not have shared their shopping spree online. 
Who says you have to have QuickeeCam in your physical store to benefit? Placed around the mall or the city in prime spots, you can get mass exposure from tourists and foot traffic, alerting them to great discounts or benefits of sharing their photo or video of, for instance, “Why I Love ___________” (insert store name). You can even cross-market with fellow stores to offer customers two benefits. The choices are really endless. 

Coming Soon in Quickeecam v.2
Our coming version of QuickeeCam software will allow the kiosks to collect data that can be used for trend analysis and inventory. We are testing features that allow customers to use the QuickeeCam booth to take photos of products in stores and then see results based on image search technology that returns information on in-store availability, inventory levels, and similar or recommended products. With an integrated payment system, customers would be able to locate the item, style and size at any of your stores–and purchase directly within the kiosk. Essentially, QuickeeCam v.2 will lessen the pressure on your human employees–and be the quintessential in-store virtual assistant. Furthermore, the camera technology in QuickeeCam can read barcodes in stores, enhancing the customer experience with actionable information, while only requiring the tiniest footprint and no “employee perks” like workers’ compensation or insurance.

As we always say, the possibilities are endless with QuickeeCam.

We put our customers first–and continue to strive to include more of the features you love and value in coming models.

Contact us for a demo, if you’d like to run through the QuickeeCam kiosk with us. Click here to read more about QuickeeCam, or here to see how QuickeeCam is used in weddings and tradeshows.

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