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QuickeeCam-front-viewQuickeeCam has been part of many, many events. Our calendars are full of upcoming events — many that we can’t wait to announce when the time comes.

From private fundraisers, campaign parties, to promotional parties or meetups, to nightclubs — QuickeeCam is considered portable (easy to deliver) and simple to setup anywhere.

Check out some of our past events:


Special events hosted by 7×7 and hack_cancer used QuickeeCam booths to entertain attendees and increase brand and message awareness through the social media sharing of QuickeeCam photos framed with the event host logos. Our booths are also popular at weddings, where special moments are captured with attendees, and couples are able to capture memories for a lifetime.

With customized and flexible branding options for each event, your guests will truly enjoy the QuickeeCam kiosk.

Included in all of these events, of course, are weddings. We’re always so honored to share in your special day.

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QuickeeCam isn’t meant to replace the wedding photographer, but we add to the photograph experience. While guests aren’t necessarily comfortable calling over a photographer for shots again and again throughout the wedding, they have no reservation about running back to the QuickeeCam kiosk each time they run into a friend. Couples and wedding planners include our kiosks at wedding receptions to provide guests with a fun and memorable experience. “Photo booths are becoming almost as vital to a wedding as the cake,” wrote John Macaluso on The Huffington Post. QuickeeCam kiosks are especially valued because of its small footprint and best of all — they don’t require staffing. Once we set up for you – you’ll be able to have the kiosk seamlessly perform through the evening.

The ability to share via social media on the spot, brilliant!Steve Chen

Best of all, the photos are all digital, branded with the announcement of your union, and are happily shared by your friends and kept forever.

A major challenge for event and conference organizers is maintaining attendee interest and excitement throughout the agenda. Our booths not only provide a fun activity, but also overlay photos and videos with the desired visual branding and messaging.

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In recent years, it’s been indisputable that above all else, photographs are the most popular and most shared type of content — way past status updates, as shown above. With a QuickeeCam photo in hand, an attendee is much more likely to post on social media, letting their friends see where they are, who they’re with and what a good time they’re having. QuickeeCam enables you to benefit from increased social media buzz in real time, rather than having to wait days or even weeks for images from a photographer.

On each of these photos will be your logo, your messaging and your branding. It’s a win-win situation for all.

twitter stats

Twitter, while still very news-oriented, also shows a significantly higher rate of photo posts than videos. As you can see, hashtags carry the lower percentage; QuickeeCam increases the chances of having a hashtag being used due to each photo link being pre-filled with the event information you choose, including the event hashtag, if there is one (which there should be!)

Read more about QuickeeCam here. In the meantime, contact us below and swing by to demo QuickeeCam. We’re absolutely certain you will love this sleek and powerful photobooth.

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