To date, tradeshows are still the quickest and most effective way for companies to reach their targeted audience. But marketing managers worldwide ponder what to put inside the booth that would attract potential customers to their booths.

With common giveaways, the problem is that only a select few will actually win the giveaway, which makes your connection to the remainder moot.
With in-booth activities, not all attendees, especially higher executives, want to enter the booth to partake in the activity in front of strangers.

quickeecam-event-photobooth-14Enter QuickeeCam

When attendees pass by the QuickeeCam kiosk and see their own reflection, they can’t help themselves but to come closer. With the easy user interface, attendees easily engage with the kiosk, and snap a photo, much to their delight. They may even play around with the video.
Of course, each photograph is branded with whatever you choose. Perhaps you’re launching a new product, or if it’s your event, you’re promoting a hashtag. Maybe you want to offer discounts if the attendee purchases on the spot — the choices are endless.

In any case, the photo is snapped with your marketing and branding. Immediately thereafter, QuickeeCam sends an email or SMS with links to share the branded photo with their network, checking in with the QuickeeCam photos. As more photos get shared, you’ll find attendees slowly congregating at your QuickeeCam kiosk.

Part of what makes QuickeeCam so ideal for events is the rapid turnaround time. Without any time spent on remembering and/or typing passwords or logging into social media sites, QuickeeCam speeds up the usual lag associated with photobooths.

Another differentiator is that QuickeeCam doesn’t need to be manned. Granted, you want your booth staff to speak to the prospects — but it is an upside to have it be completely usable by the attendee without assistance.

Add to this the high quality of the high-definition camera lens utilized inside QuickeeCam, your customers and prospects are sure to remember you, your booth and the experience for a long time.

Just recently, Attendees at Oracle OpenWorld and LAUNCH Festival enjoyed taking selfies at the QuickeeCam booth, which increased both social media buzz and attendee engagement. At trade shows, exhibitors can leverage our kiosks to engage more prospects on and beyond the show floors.

QuickeeCam kiosks attract attendees and increase traffic and time spent at booths. It’s the perfect icebreaker to engage prospects. Our booths also create excitement much like Jumbotrons at sporting events by giving attendees a change to project their selfies on a big screen. Snap a photo at the QuickeeCam kiosk, and the sporting venue can randomly select shots to showcase and reward their fans.

In addition to serving as a conversation starter, QuickeeCam booths enhance the lead generation process by acquiring prospect contact information. When a show attendee inputs their email or mobile phone number, our booth retains this information and can be provided in a report for prospect follow-ups.

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